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Consultation: Pelsaert (WA) Pty Ltd – Variation of an Aquaculture Licence, Abrolhos Islands, WA

On 2 November 2018, Pelsaert (WA) Pty Ltd made an application to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to vary its Licence, which authorises the aquaculture of Akoya pearl oyster, bat wing pearl oyster, black lip pearl oyster, Shark Bay pearl oyster, Hymedesmiidae, Iriniidae, Latrunculiidae, Mycalidae, Spongiidae and Thorectidae at an an offshore site near the Southern Group at the Abrolhos Islands.

The proposed species are:

  • scallops: Amusium balloti, Chlamys australis;
  • clams: Tapes literatus, Tapes dorsatus, Tridacna maxima, Tridacna squamosa, Tridacna derasa;
  • oysters: Saccostrea spp;
  • sea cucumbers: Holothuridae, Holothuria scabra, Actinopyga spp.;
  • sea urchins: Tripneustes gratilla, Tripneustes spp, Toxopneustidae;
  • seaweed: Pterocladia lucida, Cladosiphon filum.

In addition, Pelsaert proposes to extend the authorised site by adding to its Licence an existing jetty facility on Basile Island and a separate marine area off Basile Island to accommodate a barge. These facilities are used for temporary holding of aquaculture stocks for transfers to and from the farm sites.

Additionally, oysters can be graded, seeded with pearl nuclei or have pearls harvested in facilities at the jetty or barge and again these are relatively short-term activities. On such occasions the jetty and barge may be used daily over a few months while seeding operations are occurring and usually for shorter periods when pearl harvesting is undertaken.

Please click the below links for further information relevant to the application:

  1. Consultation Information
  2. Site Plan – Water Boundary
  3. Site Plan – Jetty Facility on Basile Island

If you have any comments or concerns relating to your fishing operations please provide comments direct to by COB Thursday 7 February 2019.
provide comment to by COB Thursday 31 January 2019 for inclusion in a WRL submission.

A copy of all responses received will be forwarded to Pelsaert to provide an opportunity for it to respond. This process allows a balanced consideration of the application and an opportunity for the applicant to make appropriate amendments to it.

In its assessment of the application, Aquaculture Branch will consider all substantive issues raised and document the process in a Statement of Decision, a copy of which will be available on the Department’s website (