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WRL Poll Indicates Industry Wants to Change Future Season Dates


Western Rock Lobster will continue industry consultation regarding future season dates


Over the last year, WRL has been receiving feedback from Members requesting changes to the start and finish dates for future annual seasons. These conversations became more prominent during the response to COVID when industry agreed to extend the current season. The Minister excluded future season dates from the COVID response package and sought to return to the standard 15 Jan to 14 Jan season dates as soon as possible by implementing a 6.5 month season from 1 July 2021.

WRL’s recent Members poll resulted in only 20.8% support from 349 MFLs for the proposed next season being 1 July 2021 to 14 January 2022.

WRL met with Minister Tinley following the poll to discuss its results and future season dates. The Minister encouraged WRL to continue with its industry consultation and agreement was reached to develop a consensus view from all stakeholders (including DPIRD) to come up with the best alternative option for future seasons.

This decision should not be rushed and while it is too late for inclusion in the current management plan amendments process, agreement can be achieved this year and if so, the Minister has committed to implementing the change of season dates through Parliament following the March State election and in time to take effect for the next season starting 30 June 2021.

In order to progress, WRL is considering a full-day workshop to thoroughly analyse the different options and come up with a single recommendation to put to industry for a yes/no vote of support. The participants of the workshop would include the WRL Board, TACC Committee, Fishing Operations Committee, 2 reps from each of the 6 PFAs, the two processors not on the TACC Committee, and DPIRD representatives.


If you wish to provide feedback to WRL regarding future season dates or any other topics please email