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Commonwealth Government Announces Increase in Transition Funding to New Safety Management System

The Deputy Prime Minister released a policy statement this morning extending the transition funding arrangements for the new National Marine Safety Management System. Read the statement here.

In response to industry feedback, the Australian Government will provide an additional $10 million funding for the national system, increasing the total contribution to $65 million over ten years, and increasing total funding by state and Federal governments to $112.4 million.

This additional funding means no levy will be charged to industry for the first three years of service delivery under AMSA (2018/19 – 2020/21 inclusive).

This will provide two more years for AMSA to engage with industry on a range of important matters including:

  • the most efficient and effective ways to deliver services to industry;
  • opportunities to reduce costs to industry without compromising safety; and,
  • ways to reduce administrative burden so industry can get on with the job.

A formal review of all costs and charges for the national system will be conducted in 2020-21. Levy legislation has been withdrawn from Parliament until after this review.

The review will consider the appropriateness of fees and charges for the national system in an informed manner, with the benefit of two years of nationally consistent data on the risk and effort required to implement the national system.

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