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In Memoriam | Tony Jurinovich

In Memory of Tony Jurinovich


Written by his wife, Toni Jurinovich

A man named Tony Jurinovich, second-generation fisherman who always included his wife into the world of fishing, Tony loved trying something new whether it was experimenting with fishing gear or installing lives tanks back in 1979 and a forward thinker.

Tony’s leadership role with the western rock lobster industry began in the early 90’s first as a committeeman for Seabird Ledge Point PFA, then took over the role of President a couple of years later.

Seabird Ledge Point PFA then nominated Tony for the position to be a board member for Rock Lobster Industry Advisory Committee (RLIAC), once Tony was accepted, the first thing he noticed was the lack of industry input at these said meetings for him to debate behind closed doors.  

Tony then suggested that Seabird Ledge Point PFA meetings were to be held at least 4 to 6 weeks before an RLIAC meeting.  Thus any outcomes from the meetings were then sent via letter from Seabird Ledge Point PFA to RLIAC enabling him to debate for the fishing industry at these said meetings.  Tony kept this up for 10 years under 4 Ministers for Fisheries resigned mid-2008.

The early days of RLIAC, Tony noticed again on a coastal tour of the lack of information offered to fishermen, duly spoke to his wife who set a communication system whereby everyone received relevant information.

Seabird Ledge Point PFA again under the helm of Tony changed names to Latitude 31 PFA thus the driving force invitations were sent to all C Zone PFA’s to attend Latitude 31 PFA meetings.

From this Zone C PFA’s commenced Tony was one of the inaugural Presidents today it is called Combined Zone C Association of which he was still a board member until his passing on 21st April 2020.


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