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WRL Submission to Standing Committee on Property Rights – July 2019

In July 2019, the Legislative Council of Western Australia under the Standing Committee on Public Administration commenced an inquiry into Private Property Rights. WRL contracted Dr Peter Rogers to research and draft a submission in collaboration with WRL on behalf of the western rock lobster industry to the Standing Committee inquiry.

WRL’s submission on property rights referenced eight key recommendations to the Standing Committee along with recommendations and proposed “Actions” to amend the new Aquatic Resource Management Act (ARMA). WRL and WAFIC collaborated to refine each of their submissions to ensure they were complementary and both addressed industry’s need for resource access rights and security.

Following advice from the Standing Committee, WRL is pleased to be able to provide their submission for the public to view. The submission can be accessed by clicking here, with the below links providing the attachments referenced in the submission.

  1. Justice Toohey Report
  2. IFMGovtPolicy 2009
  3. 181207 WRL WAG Signed In-Principle Agreement
  4. Media Statements
  5. WRLF Harvest Strategy and Control Rules
  6. Fishery Management Paper