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Proposed 1 May – 30 April Future Season Dates Benefits



  • It is a reasonable catch period so offers security in catching quota.
  • There are higher catch rates in April to finish off quota.
  • Smooths peaks and troughs and flattens the catch all year.


  • This would encourage people from all zones to fish the deep-water whites pattern – taking pressure off the bigger residential crays.


  • It moves the start/finish away from the 2 whites periods, which will then allow supply management to deliver better market prices during the whites.
  • Traditionally the market price and demand in May/June is better than July/August period.
  • Full run at whites and CNY with associated market benefits.
  • Moving season away from the peak catch period gives fishers maximum optionality during high catch period to capitalise on high prices – fishers will be free to be opportunistic.
  • Expected to flatten the artificial supply peak in January and therefore creates a true supply and demand balance during the whites/Chinese New Year.
  • The influx of lobsters coming in at the start of the season shouldn’t change the price or market, as the majority of fishers currently fish April-June.
  • Misses the start of NZ quota in April.


  • Moves the licensing away from the Fisheries closure period.
  • Season finishes on the last day of the month, making accounting easier.
  • To assist cash flow the schedule and proportion of licence fee instalment payments can be varied to decrease payments required during winter.