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WRL coastal tour – March 2021 agenda



(in mins)

Agenda item Presenter
Welcome Terry Lissiman
10 Market and production update Terry Lissiman
5 Season 2021/23 TACC and access fee schedules Matt Taylor
10 GVP and access fee scenarios Matt Taylor
15 WRL update including new strategic plan and risk register Matt Taylor
10 Strategy for Security, Independence and Community Connection Matt Taylor
15 Management plan amendments and Fisheye recommendations Paige Pallister
5 Break  
20 Industry Partnership Agreement Research update Nicola Hutchinson
15 IPA UWA project update Tim Langlois
10 Industry promotion and Communications Program update Natalia Perez Haedo
10 Back of Boat lobster Natalia Perez Haedo
15 DPIRD update DPIRD Officers
15 AMSA update (Earlier in the agenda for Cervantes) AMSA Officer
25 General business (in addition to questions and discussion during each agenda item) Matt Taylor
3 hours total Close of meeting